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Drivers Often Put Motorcyclists In Danger

A motorcyclist’s knowledge of the “rules of the road” can help prevent accidents. Florida even has a Motorcycle Handbook to educate motorcyclists on the rules and laws applicable to motorcycle drivers.

Nonetheless, motorcycle deaths and injuries cannot be prevented solely by the use of helmets and safe driving by the motorcyclist. Accidents involving motorcycles can be caused by many other factors including:

  • The other driver’s inattention or distraction
  • The other driver failing to see the motorcyclist
  • The other driver not obeying traffic laws
  • Generally careless or reckless driving

Learn How We Can Assist After A Serious Accident

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries (fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. For more information regarding motorcycle accidents, please contact our office in Miami at 866-270-0589.

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