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Don’t let an unhappy client ruin your business’ reputation

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Construction Litigation |

When something goes wrong with construction, it’s normal for a client to say something to you. If you have done all you can to build something for them that is safe and up to code, you may believe that their complaints are not justified.

In that case, you may soon see that the client turns to the law for help. Even if it’s not justified, it’s common for people to file claims to try to get back money on construction projects.

For you, this is stressful. You know that settling is like admitting that you did something wrong. Going to court could be costly, too. Overall, if this drags on for too long or people hear that you may have been involved in problems with a home’s construction, you fear that you’ll lose your business completely.

This is when you need to rely on your attorney most. Your attorney is there to help negotiate and support your side of the case. Your attorney can take the time to explain what’s happening to you and try to work with the other party’s attorney to find a resolution. If you have an arbitration clause, your attorney can help enforce it, and make sure you have the documentation prepared to show that you’re not liable for the problems in the person’s home.

Every case is different, which is why working with your attorney from the start is essential. Don’t let clients talk poorly about you or ruin your reputation. Your attorney can help you protect yourself and your business against this kind of problem.


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