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What are the most common causes of head injury in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Personal Injury |

One of the most dangerous yet common injuries in the workplace is head injury. If you sustain any kind of injury while at work, it is important that you seek treatment immediately, inform your employer of the injury and find out if you could be eligible for compensation for your damages.

Depending on the severity, a head injury can cause devastating changes to the victim’s concentration, vision and other physical abilities. As a result, the injury victim may lose their ability to work, sometimes permanently.

Here are some of the most common ways employees sustain head injuries while at work.

Falls from height

Falls are usually common in the construction industry. A worker may fall from a roof, a ladder, a bridge, scaffolding or a hole. This can result in a serious, or even a fatal, head injury. A fall from a height that is greater than 30 feet will likely result in a traumatic brain injury or even death.

Being struck by object

Generally, these kinds of accidents happen when a worker is hit by a falling object, a flying object, a rolling object or a swinging object. It can also happen when a worker is struck by tools, debris or heavy machinery.

Motor vehicle accidents

Workers who are required to operate motor vehicles or trucks as part of their work are at the risk of suffering from head injury when they are involved in an accident. These include commercial truck drivers, delivery workers, construction site workers and salespeople.

Slip and falls

Anything that causes a worker to lose their traction can result in a slip, trip and a fall accident with potential injury to the head. Some of the most common causes of slip and falls include ripped carpers, broken stairs, loose floorboards or mats and parking lot potholes.

A head injury is one of the most serious types of injuries a worker can suffer. If your head injury was caused by a poorly maintained work environment, you may be eligible for compensation for your injury and damages.


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